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The Best Way to Sell Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio


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11 Oct

The Best Way to Sell Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio

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The Best Way to Sell Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio

What’s the best way to sell real estate in Columbus, OH?

There is a new choice for those pondering “how to sell my house in Columbus?” So what is it? What are the advantages? Why is the news media captivated by this alternative to old ways of selling? Is it right for you?

Choosing the Best Way to Sell Your Columbus Property

Looking for the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to sell your home or business property?

Every OH property owner is in a unique situation, will individual circumstances, challenges, and goals that are as unique as they are. So is the NextView Properties solution the best choice for you and your situation right now? How does it compare to old school listings with Realtors or grabbing a yard sign from Home Depot and running a newspaper ad to try and sell it yourself?

How Ohio Realtors Work

Ohio real estate agents have long been one of the traditional ways of selling a home. They’ll list your property on the market for a commission, and hope it gets sold. But what are the real pros and cons of this option?


  1. Professional real estate marketing done for you
  2. Professional representation in negotiations
  3. All transactional work done for you


  1. No guarantee of actually selling your property
  2. Locked into an expensive long term contract
  3. Expensive commissions that can cost 3% to 10% of the sales price

The FSBO Strategy

For Sale By Owners (FSBO) have been an option that some homeowners have tried in the past. Generally this either relies on making your own signs and ads, or paying a substantial fee to a FSBO service to provide them.


  1. Not being locked into real estate listing agreements


  1. No guarantee of selling
  2. Can ultimately prove more expensive than using a professional
  3. Difficulty in screening and qualifying potential buyers
  4. Out of pocket costs before selling, with potential for paying agent fees too

The NextView Properties Solution

NextView Properties offers a FRESH, NEW, FAST & EASY way to sell your real estate in Columbus, Ohio.


  1. No real estate commissions
  2. Guaranteed sale
  3. Sell your home in just days
  4. No need to fix up your property
  5. Cash sale

Why all the Media Buzz?

Recently major news media outlets including The Huffington Post and Fox News have picked up on this new solution for selling homes. The media and real estate industry has eagerly watching to see what new solutions will replace outdated approaches to selling real estate, and which may be of the most help to sellers. They have noticed that real estate investment firms like NextView Properties offer a game changing lifeline to those that want to sell fast, sell for sure, and don’t want all the time consuming headaches and sleepless nights that can come with old school listings or venturing out as a FSBO. There’s no guesswork, or waiting to see if a property will sell or not, or if it will takes months, and eat up thousands of dollars in marketing and remodeling costs. Instead it means securing a fast cash sale, no matter what your property looks like.

The Advantages of Selling to NextView Properties

In addition to the above, many Columbus, OH real estate owners will find they love selling to NextView Properties for…

  • Not having to make repairs
  • Not dealing with Realtors
  • No out of pocket costs
  • Experts that can help with difficult situations
  • Getting a fair cash offer fast
  • A stress-free process

How the NextView Properties Process Works:

  1. Call 614-289-8570 or fill out the quick Property Information Form online
  2. Speak to a courteous NextView Properties consultant about your needs
  3. Receive a cash offer for your home
  4. Allow us a few days to arrange the closing and obtain insurance
  5. Attend the closing, or have a closer come to you, sign, and get paid

Types of Properties We Buy

Next View Properties buys all types of real estate in Columbus, Ohio, including:

  • Single family homes
  • Small multifamily properties
  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Commercial real estate

We buy properties AS-IS, in ANY CONDITION:

ü  Beautiful brand new homes

ü  Ugly homes in need of TLC

ü  Burnouts and fire damaged homes

ü  Homes with structural issues

ü  Storm damaged homes

ü  Properties needing major repairs

ü  Houses with title issues, liens, and code violations

ü  Properties in foreclosure

ü  Rentals with problem tenants

ü  Inherited property

ü  Properties with past due taxes

ü  Real estate on which owners owe more than it’s worth

What are We Going to do with Your Property?

Many sellers may not care what happens with their property next. In fact, they may just want to get as far away from it as possible, and never look back. We can help you do that faster than anyone else!

But many property owners today do want to make sure that they are selling to the right buyer. Who we sell properties to matters. When you sell your real estate in Columbus, Ohio to NextView Properties may renovate the property and add it to a portfolio of income properties, or extensively repair and improve the property before making it available to another sound investor or family. What you can be sure of is that we can about the local community, ethical rehabbing, and preserving local housing and the local economy. That means smart, healthy, renovation practices, helping to keep local housing affordable, and improving communities. In fact, when we’re not doing this you’ll find our team volunteering and supporting many local charities and non-profits that share this vision for Columbus.

Find out more about NextView Properties here, and answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive here.

Sell Your Ohio Property Today…

No matter what your situation, challenges, and what you want out of the sale of your property, let NextView Properties make you an offer today!

Pick up the phone and call, send us a message on your favorite social network, fill out the property information form, or email us today, and get a no obligation, cash offer for your home fast…

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